TRIGGER is a suite of tools designed to track dealer performance and identify potential collusion. The reports and alerts that TRIGGER produce; enable surveillance and tables to be more proactive with table reviews and observations by highlighting high risk dealer/inspector and patron activity. TRIGGER tools include an electronic table Scheduler and Break List which can be used on a tablet device such as an iPad.

Using the information from the Scheduler and Break List, TRIGGER interfaces with most casino player rating/marketing systems and constantly “scans” the system for potential irregularities. An alert system is in place that notifies management when guests or staff get into the “red zone”.

Types of casino gaming alerts include:

  • Being alerted to wins outside of 3 standard deviations for a players trip
  • Did a players average wager increase since past trips?
  • Are the majority of the players rating being conducted by the same floor supervisor?
  • Comparing play to other ratings which were occurring on the same game, same time
  • Average bet on winning plays vs average bets on losing plays
  • Comparing maximum bet to credit limit
  • When a player has exceeded a (user defined) win threshold for a trip

For more information and the latest developments on TRIGGER, contact the TRIGGER team