Traditionally, casinos have been protected by surveillance systems which use cameras to watch activities taking place on a property. However, due to the ever increasing use of electronic systems to control casino processes, there are a lot of fraudulent activities taking place that cannot be seen with the eye. The fraud is taking place at the data level and hence, the surveillance industry has coined the term “dataveillance”. “Dataveillance” is the ability to

  • Collect data from disparate systems
  • Provide a secure, user friendly interface to access the data
  • Alert management to irregularities based on a set of rules
  • Provide a wide range of reports and reporting tools e.g. Dataveillance dashboard

Originally, a dashboard was the upturned screen of wood or leather placed on the front of a horse-drawn carriage, sleigh or other vehicle that protected the driver from mud, debris, water and snow thrown up by the horse’s hooves.

Today we are more familiar with the dashboard that is a control panel located under the windshield of an automobile that contains instrumentation and controls pertaining to the operation of the vehicle. A dashboard pertaining to casino operations has also become essential with the ever-increasing amount of data being generated by systems within a casino. Just as a dashboard was originally used on horse-drawn carriages to provide a clear view, so a casino dataveillance dashboard is used to provide a clear view of casino operations.

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