Casino Procedures Management

Casinos have many procedures that need to be strictly followed and effectively managed. According to Noah Turner in iGaming Business Magazine (Dec 2008), The Bigger They Are, the Harder they Fall, “Compliance should never be overlooked. Failing to keep up can mean failing to make money. Administrative tools help an organization protect itself from the damaging effects of negligence and fraud both by external sources and an organization’s own staff, by ensuring that policies and casino procedures are strictly followed.”

Below are screen-shots that explain one of the casino procedure management features within CheetEye:

Most casino procedures are managed by surveillance and when a procedure is breached, it will be logged within the logbook. The CheetEye logbook generates an email notification to the appropriate persons and begins to track the feedback. Below is an example of a notification to a manager who did not provide feedback within five days.

Providing Feedback is simple for time strapped managers:

The first step is to view the notes of the incident which gives more detail as to why the incident has been classified as a procedure break. At this time the manager is also able to view any evidence (screenshots etc) relating to the procedure break.

The next step is to record the cause for the procedure break and the action that will be taken. Once the cause and action to be taken have been recorded and saved, an email notification is sent to surveillance. The procedure break is electronically filed in the staff member’s profile and can be printed for signing.

CheetEye manages things like frequency a particular procedure has been violated by a staff member, frequency a particular procedure has been violated monthly and year to date etc. All this information is collated into an executive dashboard for easy viewing. A picture is worth a thousand words!