A Cheetah’s eyes are physically adapted for speed, enabling it to spot distant prey and follow it with pinpoint precision before racing in to kill. CheetEye’s TRIGGERS enable casinos to spot cheaters with precision and protect with insight. Welcome to “TRIGGER”, the latest release of CheetEye.

TRIGGER is a software tool that interfaces with any casino table game player rating/marketing system and constantly “scans” the system for potential irregularities. A casino alerts system is in place that notifies management when players get into the “red zone”.

Types of casino alerts include:

  • Being alerted to wins outside of 3 standard deviations for a players trip
  • Did a players average wager increase since past trips?
  • Are the majority of the players rating being conducted by the same floor supervisor?
  • Comparing play to other ratings which were occurring on the same game, same time
  • Average bet on winning plays vs average bets on losing plays
  • Comparing maximum bet to credit limit
  • When a player has exceeded a (user defined) win threshold for a trip (see a demo below of this alert)

Biggest Winner Casino Alert Demo:

For further detailed information on TRIGGER, view the presentation below: