CHEETEYE’s latest tool to detect loss and monitor performance …

“Within the first month of use, FB-EYE helped us bust scams. We love this tool!” Chris Opperman, Protection Services Manager, Peermont Group .

Restaurants and Bars are an important and ever-increasing revenue generator for casinos. Like the gaming floor, cash transactions come hard and fast, presenting opportunities for employee theft and customer manipulation. Our data suggests the average casino is losing over $2 million per year on food and beverage (F&B), and the scary part is most casinos don’t have any idea where and how it is occurring and who is doing it! Well, we do.

Surveillance needs tools to bust the many F&B scams and vulnerable transaction points where loss occurs. So, we set to work designing a solution. With feedback from customers and partners around the world, we are proud to present FB-EYE. Our solution takes the complex data stream of transactions and breaks analysis of it into three main processes:

  1. Analysis of the different revenue points, such as number of transactions in cash or credit cards with their corresponding amounts. These transactions can be tracked by workstation, employee or any other desired differentiator.
  2. Once analysis establishes a baseline and mean, all staff are measured against it to determine both the best and worst performers.
  3. With performance measured, different workstations are  identified to determine the most vulnerable spots in an establishment.

Easy to use dashboards make it easier and simpler for surveillance teams and management to analyze staff and casino locations for suspicious activity. For an establishment with about 100 point of sale terminals in their restaurants, bars, floor transactions and redemption stations, the system initially flags 100s of suspicious transactions on a daily basis (for interesting stats read “How to deal with the food and beverage force”). Even including installation and training, FB-EYE should pay for itself inside of 6 months, obviously generating a huge ROI! Our customers love the simple pricing that is tied to the number of POS terminals (tiered for savings with higher volumes).

 Problems FB-EYE Solves

  • Employees consistently above the average for activities such as voids, open tills, open checks, comps & combines
  • Equally important, identify top performers above the average for transactions and amount of revenue generated so that the best people can be retained and incentivized
  • Identify player club reward redemption fraud
  • Identify and minimize F&B shrinkage
  • Triggers and alerts in real-time to help with immediate responses

Average F&B Loss Statistics

  • The UNLV Center for Gaming Research and Nevada Gaming Control Board studies show food and beverage (“F&B”) equals about 20% of each casino’s total revenue
  • Average casino in the US generates $50 million/year, putting F&B revenues at about $10 million/year
  • F&B auditing companies Beverage Metrics and Stock-Taker put industry average shrinkage rates at 25%
  • National Restaurant Association reports that 75% of shrinkage is due to theft (primarily from employees)
  • Industry specialists estimate F&B loss in casinos at between 10-20%
  • Average casino F&B loss: ~$1-2 million/year, but our data shows it’s probably even higher!

For more information or a demo, send an email to: FB-EYE@cheeteye.com