Playing up a sweat

I recently joined my daughter and her creative personal trainer for an interesting gym workout called “Deck of cards workout”. I have not done it before so I felt rather stiff the next day! The experience was such a positive one and has encouraged me to be more creative in my workouts so I decided to share it with you. As Albert Einstein said, “creativity is contagious, pass it on”.

How to do the work out:
With a partner and a deck of cards, take chances at selecting a card and depending on the card, complete the following exercises:

  • Face cards = 10
  • Ace = 11
  • Hearts = push ups
  • Spades = Burpees
  • Clubs = Mountain climbs
  • Diamonds = Thrusters
  • Joker = 50 Jump squats

So for example, if you select a “king of hearts”, you need to complete 10 push ups, “6 of diamonds” will be 6 thrusters, “2 of spades” will be 2 burpees etc until you’ve completed the entire deck. (See visual examples at the end of the blog on how to do the exercises.)

An idea for your casino marketing department:

Before your next poker tournament, why not have a “Deck of cards workout challenge” and inject some new life into your casino marketing. Have teams of two compete against each other with the team completing the deck in the shortest time being the winner. To assist with your digital marketing for this event, send an email to with the title “Deck of cards workout challenge” and we will create your digital templates for email and we will help you use our TARGET software to send your marketing message via email and text to as many recipients as possible. This could be a great opportunity to get new customers into your casino. Start your summer casino marketing by “playing up a sweat”!

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Exercise examples:

Push ups


Mountain climbs

Thrusters (a medicine ball can be used instead of dumbbells)

Jump squats