Title 31 AML Compliance

Casinos generate an enormous number of transactions every day and consequently need a Title 31 system that is able to efficiently and effectively collect transaction data, track patrons and report to FINCEN.

Loyalty gamification

Gamify your loyalty program with a mobile app that provides a rich user experience, in line with what mobile users expect today. Appeal to the known major emotional influencers of rewards, discounts, offers and games.

Performance Management

Lack of feedback in casinos results in policies and procedures not being strictly followed, which leaves an organization unprotected from the damaging effects of negligence and fraud both by external sources and an organization’s own staff.

Food & Beverage Loss Prevention

Casino food and beverage outlets are under attack. Like the gaming floor, cash transactions come hard and fast, presenting opportunities for employee theft and customer manipulation.


Patrons have spoken. Our top 3 loyalty findings:

Redeem rewards for free hotel, dining, fuel & smokes
Redeem rewards 89%
Provide a safe & secure environment
Safe & secure 88%
Monthly reward mailers, discounts & offers
Rewards, discounts & offers 87%