Lack of feedback in casinos results in policies and procedures not being strictly followed, which leaves an organization unprotected from the damaging effects of negligence and fraud both by external sources and an organization’s own staff.

CHEETEYE is a casino and hospitality incident and performance management system that enables all departments within an organization to collaborate by converting data from multiple sources into information that can be used to measure the risk of an organization. The system enables information sharing and accountability throughout an organization by ensuring that policies, procedures and critical reporting are strictly followed. Typically, a customer using our standard platform achieves cost savings of between 10% and 15%, while drastically reducing high risk, vulnerable parts of operations.

According to HRExaminer, “traditional performance management software based on annual and quarterly reviews, miss the whole rhythm of the business.” They expect to see systems that allow instantaneous evaluation and case studies that demonstrate the power of “always on” performance evaluation. CHEETEYE enables:

  • Collaborative input which results in a more objective assessment of organizational risk.
  • Always on access so that valuable work does not go unnoticed which leads to a high-morale workplace.
  • User friendly for maximum adoption of software.


  • Logbook and reporting
  • Standard operating procedure (SOP) management
  • Multi site
  • Executive dashboard
  • Patron exclusion
  • Equipment malfunction logs
  • Audits
  • Lost and found
  • Table accounting
  • Table game chip and card register