Measure like Billy Beane

Two quotes to ponder: “To measure is to know,” Lord Kelvin (British mathematical physicist and engineer); and “Knowledge is power,” – Francis Bacon (first English scientist to receive a knighthood).

Casinos that create a culture of measuring, recording and analyzing their data are the ones that will thrive in today’s information revolution. However, capturing measurable information requires the right set of tools.

We’ve spent 7 years creating these necessary tools and at ICE 2014 in London this month, we presented “MI3” to our partners and clients; a strategy to assist users of CHEETEYE to measure, manage and master the vast amount of information being generated at casinos.

Just as Billy Beane’s Oakland A’s became a winning baseball team by applying analytics and new types of metrics to the game, we’re helping casinos manage their data correctly, resulting in:

  • Cost savings of between 10% and 15%
  • Drastically reduced risk in the vulnerable parts of the operations
  • Increased customer engagement, brand loyalty and revenue

For more information on “MI3”, visit us at the World Game Protection Conference in Vegas next week or send an email to