Adding the slice to your dice

As we continue our casino marketing ideas series, I want to start by asking a question. When last did you send a text to your “millennial generation” (born between 1980-2005) customers at 4pm on a specific day enticing them to 10% off dinner? Age, day of the week, time and discount are crucial in getting action from this age group. According to a report from the research firm Technomic, 42% of these “millennials” say they visit “upscale casual-dining restaurants” at least once a month. Previous studies have shown that “millennials” are more likely to make impulse buys on little splurges for themselves, and going out to eat at a nice restaurant fits into this category. As a group, “millenials” are the most likely group to be drawn to deals, with 43% saying they are influenced by coupons and discounts when choosing where to eat.

The ability to access data and “slice and dice” it, should be as easy as possible for casino marketers coming up with great casino marketing ideas. They need to be able to target the right people at the right time in order to be noticed in today’s crowded casino marketplace. Don’t just throw your dice and expect a slice of the pie. It’s time to grab a share of the market that belongs to those who target with insight.

Watch the video below on how TARGET is being used to implement casino marketing ideas and get people walking across your casino floor. Happy “Targeting with Insight” to all our users!