How to sign visitors up and keep them coming back

Brilliantly lit digital signs, with well-orchestrated messages, create an exciting atmosphere in a casino and are a vital component of any casino marketing strategy. They are tangible, visible, and stimulating. Digital signs have been around for many years but the ability to get messages on these signs has been difficult.

Changing messages and content on a digital sign should be as easy as sending an email or text and with CHEETEYE’s marketing software, TARGET, it is. Using an innovative wireless device that plugs into any digital display, TARGET is enabling casinos to get the right message onto the right digital sign at the right time. Digital signs can now be dynamic and relevant, which leads to increased customer engagement; brand loyalty and revenue.

Change your casino marketing strategy and sign them up like never before!

To request a demo of TARGET, send an email to with your details and we will make contact with you.

Next month:
My focus will be on the world of performance assessment and relevant case studies that demonstrate the power of “always on” performance evaluation.