Small things that make a giant difference

I recently had the privilege of driving through the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California with my wife. These giant redwoods start small but don’t stay that way. They require a unique atmosphere in order to thrive. In the same way, casinos will thrive if the correct atmosphere can be created. In this blog I’m going to focus on two things that will help improve the atmosphere at a casino.

1. Personalization: Most marketing that gets done these days lacks personalized attention. The “one fits all” marketing message is outdated and boring. Brands that are using technology and people who know how to create personalized marketing are attracting loyal followers. Make sure you’re not stuck in a boring, outdated cycle.

2. Awareness: Recently, I have noticed the service and facilities at a top brand hotel declining which has lead me to start trying other brands. I was surprised and disappointed to see how my brand of choice was lagging behind. It’s the “small foxes that spoil the vine” as an ancient proverb says. Our latest marketing tool helps prevent disappointed customers by addressing the small things that sometimes go unnoticed by casinos. Great service = great marketing!

We will be at the Casino Marketing Conference next week at the Paris, Las Vegas where we will be demonstrating how REVEYE helps address these two issues (click here to download a brochure). We look forward to helping your casino become a “giant” in the industry.