The greatest casino in the USA

I recently attended the Casino Marketing Conference in Vegas and one of my highlights was listening to Jim Rogers, the CEO of KOA (Kampgrounds of America), and former Harras executive. Jim was also featured on Undercover Boss, so I was looking forward to hearing about the insights he gained from this brave venture.

One of the valuable lessons Jim learned on Undercover Boss was that KOA’s marketing was ineffective. Many surprised viewers commented that they weren’t aware that KOA offered all the things they saw on the show. KOA was failing to let people know who they were and what they offered. He then posed the question to the audience of casino marketers, “Who has the greatest casino in the USA?” The question went unanswered and caused me to think that maybe casinos suffer from the same problem that KOA did. People just don’t know who the casinos are and what they have to offer. Needless to say, the title for greatest casino in the USA is still wide open!

Of Jim’s 6 key points to help claim this coveted title, I want to leave you with 3:

  1. Service quality still wins!
  2. Marketing to employees is as important as marketing to players
  3. Facilitate genuine engagement

We underestimate the fact that great service brings people back and that building a winning team is vital to casino health. I was excited when I heard Jim’s list as we have recently released our “Casino Care” software which is helping casinos with all the above key points.

If you’re attending G2E in Vegas this month and have a desire for your casino to be the “greatest casino in the USA”, come visit us at booth 4104, and we will show you how our software and services can make this a reality.