The secret of new casino revenues

I had an interesting meeting with a client in Europe recently. They were accustomed to the traditional theory that slots belong to the older generation. To their surprise, through analysis, they discovered that 65% of their slots players were actually between the ages of 18 and 25. Their new game plan is to increase this group of 18-25’s average spend by 10% which will make a huge difference to the casino’s revenue. But my advice to them was, before you sign any marketing checks, get to know this new generation of consumers and there’s no better place to turn than Don Tapscott’s book, “grown up digital”, where he describes the eight norms that guide this new generation of consumers:

8 norms that guide the new generation of consumers

  1. Freedom: Give me choice and the more the better
  2. Customization: Make it my own
  3. Scrutiny: I will check it out before I go to the store
  4. Integrity: Does this company deserve my money?
  5. Collaboration: Let me help you make your product or service better
  6. Entertainment: Make it fun
  7. Speed: Serve me now
  8. Innovation: Give me the latest

My starting advice if you want to grow the average spend of this new generation of slot players:

  1. Engage with them online and mobile. The average age of newspaper readers is 65+
  2. Customize your message to them (See “Adding the slice to your dice”)
  3. Re-look at your games. This generation wants interactive, graphical games!

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Go get em!