Why some casinos almost always deliver better profits

Casinos that are able to innovate faster than their competitors are likely to deliver better profits over the long term. It’s not always the big groups that are leading this innovation charge either. My recent visit to a small but hugely profitable casino confirmed this. Their willingness to experiment with new ideas quickly was exciting to see!

Digital literacy is beginning to exceed traditional literacy and casinos therefore need to consider a new kind of customer resulting from the computer era. Innovation in mature markets means focusing on risk and compliance as well as on a unique customer experience by using big data to meet customers’ needs. This can be done with intelligent data collection and marketing. High rollers that have not entered your casino for some time need to receive compelling personal messages and those that have been on a losing spree need to be given a handsome reward and chance to recharge and rethink how to grow their coffers again. Then there are the high rollers in the making! Research shows that 20-30 year olds have a high propensity to gamble. Capture their loyalty early. The early bird captures the worm and this worm is not going to be captured like the old worms.

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