Protect like James Bond

My daughter and I recently captured some great views of London from the London Eye; one being the important houses of Parliament. This view reminded me of our mission at CHEETEYE. Just as the London Eye “watches over” London, CHEETEYE keeps watch over important casino processes.

I’ve heard of numerous cases at casinos where very important assets or inventory go missing which places the casino at huge risk e.g. keys, cards, chips, slots parts etc. Surveillance and security departments are tasked with the responsibility of protecting the assets of a casino, but when things go missing, it gives them a bad name. This need not be the case if technology providers to the casino industry collaborate to break down the technology walls that exist in casinos. Today at the ICE gaming in show in London we demonstrated how three technology providers can collaborate to make sure that incidents like the ones mentioned above never happen! What are you requiring from your partners that enables you to improve your casino protection strategies? How well are your casino’s processes being “watched over”?

My daughter on the London Eye