Flag Flying Casinos

On my way back from Mykonos Casino this week I drove past an up-market game lodge (hotel) and like many hotels in South Africa they had the world flags flying in celebration of the soccer World Cup. However, there was one flag missing that caught my attention. I’m sure the people from that country would feel the same as I do when I’m traveling and don’t see my country’s flag – unwelcome! I’ve come to accept that most hotels etc cannot fly every countries flag but you would expect them to know where most of their guests are coming from. The missing flag at the hotel happens to represent the people from the country who have bought the most tickets to the world cup final!

By the way, Mykonos Casino did not have that flag missing. Maybe that’s why they’re such a popular destination. They send simple welcoming messages!

There are 10 days to go to the World Cup final. The first 5 people to reply to this blog post with the name of the country who’s flag was missing at the hotel will receive a World Cup shirt of the winning country (clue: they were knocked out by Ghana). Ayoba!