Recession highlights casino surveillance

I read a response to the recent layoffs of 115 Atlantic City casino inspectors and had to chuckle: “Holy crap. There was someone paying to have a casino inspector in each casino 24-7 just for the possibility that there might be a gaming complaint? WTF? That might have been necessary once upon a time but now there are so many god damn cameras in a casino they have video evidence of you passing gas much less anything else. If there’s a problem, it’s almost certainly been caught on video and can be reviewed at any time. There’s no reason to pay someone who’s job is basically to sit on their thumb. I can see paying for 1 guy to be on call for all the casinos but 1 for each is just a stupid waste of time and money.”

There are many more casino functions that can be fulfilled by casino surveillance, however, in many casinos it has taken the recession to highlight that fact. Redirect some of the savings to surveillance and empower them.