What makes a great surveillance director

In their book, “Run of the Red Queen”, Dan Breznitz and Michael Murphree of the Georgia Institute of Technology, argue that it’s wrong to equate innovation solely with the invention of breakthrough products. One kind of innovation that is flourishing in China is “process innovation”: the relentless improvement of factories and distribution systems. Their world renowned efficiency negates the need for constant cutting-edge.

I’ve recently been involved with a surveillance director who I would describe as a “process innovator”. I believe it’s the difference between good and great surveillance directors. I have a friend who is a gifted administrator and I marvel at the processes he has in place to direct his organisation. You can actually feel the rhythm in his presence and as you walk around his organisation. I get the same feeling with the surveillance director I mentioned earlier. Great golfers have great golfing rhythm; great surveillance directors have a great “surveillance rhythm”. Get someone to honestly evaluate your “surveillance rhythm”.