What my casino would look like

I’ve read some articles by casino leaders recently that have inspired me to start dreaming about what my casino would look like. The latest article has a statement by Paragon Gaming Inc. president, Scott Menke, that I believe is simple yet compelling. I quote, “We don’t like to build casinos… we build destinations – it’s entertainment.” This man sets casinos on fire and creates casino fireworks!

According to dictionary.com, the word casino was originally used to refer to a social gathering place, a room or building where one could dance, listen to music, and gamble. This last pastime seems to have gained precedence over the others. Casinos were meant to be:

  • great social gathering places
  • places of interactive entertainment
  • music havens
  • gambling houses

It looks like the casino leaders that are making a difference are returning to casino roots. How does your casino rate on the four points above?