Another Arrow for the Surveillance Quiver

Great surveillance managers have the ability to collaborate with other departments in the casino to provide them with insightful information. As a result, surveillance is seen as a department that is looking out for other departments rather than looking over them. I see them as the Robin Hoods of the casino world. To all the casino Robin Hoods out there, we’ve got another arrow for your surveillance quiver!

Our developers released a beta version of our Dealer Roster & Tracking module last week and I really enjoyed playing around with it. I’m looking so forward to the final release! It’s going to rock the world of tables and give surveillance another arrow in their quiver.

Rock the world of tables by providing them with an administrative tool to manage the complex daily operations of people, shifts and pay.

Add another arrow to the quiver of surveillance by giving them access to information at the click of a button which often takes hours, days or sometimes not even available.