Another Collusion Killer added to CHEETEYE

A client of ours swears by his tip report. He’s a wily old character and his reasoning caught my attention. It’s a simple excel spread sheet, but once again, it’s disconnected valuable data. Not for long though, as next month he will be reading his tip report through a CHEETEYE interface. What’s more exciting is that this valuable data will no longer be disconnected but immediately integrated into our collusion report; so I’m sure his first port of call will soon be our collusion report. Another knockout blow to casino collusion!

Other new features that will be available in our Tables Portal:

  • simplified break list so that supervisors spend less time recording and more time observing
  • enhanced staff assessment tools to make the appraisal process more efficient and meaningful

The man behind this new development is our senior software engineer, Danie Kritzinger. Danie’s an iron man and the picture below was captured at a recent iron man event. Being an iron man requires dedication and passion, something Danie brings to software development as well. Thanks Danie for your dedication and passion!

Stay ahead of the pack Coyote Valley!