Casino Cheating Patterns

Every week I read about casino staff being convicted for cheating and I wonder how much of this cheating goes unnoticed.

Scenario: If your casino has been losing for a few days in a row and you investigate that it has been three or four players that have been winning, then it is nice to see if there is any consistency in relation to the staff that are dealing and/or supervising these tables.  Questions come up as to why these players are always winning. Are they winning fairly or is something not right? Are they always playing at the same table as certain staff that are dealing or supervising? Or is this their lucky week?

For years surveillance departments have underestimated the value of the vast amount of data they generate. With a dataveillance solution, it’s possible to generate table audits connecting consecutive losses and highlight patterns such as same players winning, same staff, etc.

There’s nothing worse than having a feeling something is wrong and not being able to do anything about it! Casino cheating patterns can be found in the data.