Coyote Valley Casino Protects with Insight

Bill Zender made the following comment on our previous blog site regarding casino game protection: “A casino collusion report will be a huge help for casino and surveillance executives investigating suspicious table play. At this present time I’m involved with a situation regarding excessive wins in baccarat. It would be extremely helpful if I had the customer/table/dealer/supervisor information available at my fingertips. Being able to run a quick correlation between the customer and floor supervisor would greatly speed up my elimination process, and allow me more time to conduct surveillance reviews.”

Coyote Valley Casino in California have recently acquired CheetEye and have access to just the kind of information Zender mentions above. Trey Henson, Compliance & Risk Manager at Coyote Valley had the following to say about the collusion report in CheetEye: “This is the best casino game protection software I know about. You guys should give yourself pat on the back. Well done!”

For a live demo of our casino collusion tools, send us an email at with “Casino Game Protection” as your subject.

Keep protecting with insight Coyote Valley!