Get Rid of Title 31 Non-Compliance Once and for All

Today marks the end of paper SAR (Suspicious Activity Report) and CTR (Currency Transaction Report) filings! FinCEN requires that these forms be electronically filed and will no longer accept paper filings. Non-compliance will result in fines that could number in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

CHEETEYE engineers have been working around the clock to make sure that our users are in compliance with the new FinCEN title 31 requirements. In addition, our users will benefit from the software automation that has been built into the software to handle many of the title 31 changes that require extensive data entry on the BSA site. Take a preview of our user friendly title 31 software tool!

If you want to get rid of title 31 non-compliance once and for all, contact us at: 720-221-6915 or