Heading to Vegas for casino protection insight

In preparation for this year’s World Game Protection Conference I read Kevin Mitnick’s book “Takedown”. Kevin was one of the keynote speakers and spoke about protecting data within casinos. As an IT professional developing casino protection software solutions, I enjoyed Kevin’s talk and gained valuable insight for our business. The horror stories he shared of leaked Word, Excel etc documents, highlighted the ever increasing need to implement casino protection software solutions. Casino protection software not only protects sensitive casino data but provides the following extra value:

  • provides users with the ability to search for information based on certain criteria that is extremely difficult, if not impossible when using paper or electronic documents
  • provides management with “Collusion Reporting” features
  • provides work-flow processes to ensure accountability

In preparation for next year’s conference taking place in February, I’ve ordered“Beat the Players: Casinos, Cops and the Game Inside the Game” by Bob Nersesian who will be one of the keynote speakers. This year’s line up of keynote speakers looks very interesting and once again, I’m looking forward to gaining some valuable insight to share with our clients and followers as we continue to help “protect with insight”.