Lessons from Asia

I’ve recently returned from G2E Asia in Macau and thoroughly enjoyed my Asian experience. From the setting up of our stand to the final day of sightseeing in Hong Kong, I was reminded of some core values. We’ve hired a plasma screen at each show we’ve attended this year and it was great to receive good value for money this time. Yes, just a plasma screen but the attention to detail in setting it up impressed me. They observed my need and cared about it. As more software providers move towards the “software as a service” model, the emphasis can now, more so than ever, be on service.

I was fortunate to sneak in a day of sightseeing in Hong Kong with a family friend. Alan (see below) is a school friend of my dads who arrived in Hong Kong with a backpack. Alan had studied to be an architect and arrived in Hong Kong to create a new life for himself. Today he is a multi-millionaire and I had the privilege of spending the day with this most influential man. His advice to us as casino software providers was extremely valuable. His parting words to me as he dropped me off at the airport were, “make sure you service your clients well”. I’ve returned from Asia more determined to never to lose the “service” in the “software” at CHEETEYE! Thanks Alan and Bell Yeung from AV Promotions!