Surveillance extinction – Time to evolve

Gavin Michael, global managing director for R&D and alliances at Accenture, was recently quoted saying “we are evolving into a world where quantity, processing speeds and distribution of data will make us see the world through a data lens”.

Surveillance departments that do not evolve towards “data lenses” face extinction by becoming irrelevant. Casino surveillance will always be heavily reliant on the traditional camera lens but even that has become another source to the new lens on the block; the data lens. In the world of surveillance and casino protection, the data lens is referred to as dataveillance. Here are 3 steps to get you onto the evolving path:

  • Get to know your data sources

Getting to know the various data sources in your casino requires you to develop a great relationship with your IT manager and put your detective hat on. Data floods into a casino on a daily basis and it’s the job of surveillance to tap into those vast resources of insight.

  • Setup an electronic recording portal

Surveillance managers and directors should be on an endless quest to remove paper trails. Without an intelligent electronic recording system it’s highly unlikely that your dataveillance endeavors will succeed.

  • Integrate

Once you’ve identified data sources of interest and you have an electronic recording portal in place, work with your IT department or software vendor to integrate your portal with those data sources so that you can begin extracting the insight. Various tools are available to analyze the relationships that exist between the various data sources. CheetEye was originally know as ICOS (Integrated Casino Operation System) because we knew from the beginning that a stand-alone system would be of no use in the world of dataveillance.

Traditional casino protection is dead. Happy evolving!