The most successful surveillance manager in 2011

According to research done by Fast Company magazine, “Coke are metering their water use with such precision. They’re doing it because they want to use less water, because they think they may soon have no choice, and because they’ve discovered that simply measuring water use quickly leads to managing it better.” They’re applying dataveillance to their business, not because it’s a nice to have but out of necessity.

It’s not only Coca Cola that are measuring their data and managing things better. Successful companies like IBM, GE and Wal-Mart are doing the same. “Every day I wake up and ask, ‘how can I flow data better, manage data better, analyse data better?” says Rollin Ford, the CIO of Wal-Mart. Successful executives like Mr Ford acknowledge that there is an “industrial revolution of data” taking place and it’s the first thing on their minds when they wake up. The Economist this time last year reported that “The data-centred economy is just nascent”. What’s been on your mind for the past 12 months? Is it going to make you the most successful surveillance manager this year?