Plugging Small Holes for Big Results

With one day to go before the World Game Protection Conference, I began reflecting on some comments made from last year’s conference. One comment that I kept an eye on as I traveled around was the “lack of card control in many casinos“. I was surprised to hear at the conference last year that this is a problem at “many casinos”; and true it is!

Once again, I see that card control is on the agenda and this time at the “Surveillance Directors Meeting” – A 4 hour “closed-door” information & intelligence sharing meeting hosted by Darrin Hoke. Seems to still be a problem …

As a result, CHEETEYE’s Electronic Card Control module will be one of our featured demos at this week’s World Game Protection Expo. If you need to plug this hole at your casino and you’re at the The M Resort in Vegas, pop around and we’ll lead you through a brief demo. This casino software management tool applies strict card control using biometric enabled work flow processes that ensure accountability every step of the way. Strict accountability measures cause people to think twice about cheating and are the first and most important step towards protecting with insight.