Can You Recognize the Early Warning Sign of Dealer Collusion?

I never forget a statement Darrin Hoke made at the first World Game Protection show I attended, “The greatest gaming scheme is on the go right now. No-one knows about it except the crooks”. Dealer and player collusion is on the go right now in many casinos around the world and most of it is going unnoticed by casino protection professionals. Large winnings will always be scrutinized but it’s the small regular transactions that rarely get followed and over time add up to be significant casino losses. Unless, however, you have systems in place to analyze casino data over a period of time to reveal associations that can’t be seen easily.

A new version of our collusion identification tools were released today in an effort to make the user experience more user friendly. However, this affective casino protection tool reminded me of the “Silent Killer, Drone Aircraft”, so affectively used by the U.S. Army. Our casino collusion killer app is a must have for any casino protection professional who wants to prove the value of surveillance to their organization.