As casino software providers to the casino industry, we have no doubt the CHEETEYE casino software suite of tools will add immediate value to your casino operations.


Incident & Performance Management


Food & Beverage Loss Detection


Title 31 AML Compliance


Casino Loyalty App

    • * Electronic compliance logbook
    • * Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
    • * Patron Exclusion
    • * Equipment malfunction logs

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    • * Identify bad and good food & beverage employees
    • * Be alerted to player club reward redemption fraud
    • * Minimize food and beverage shrinkage

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    • * Collect transactions from casino systems including cage, slots, table games, cash-access and sports
    • * Track and collate all patron’s transactions
    • * File CTR’s for patrons reaching the transaction threshold or SAR’s when suspicious activity is identified

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    • * Take part in challenges & earn rewards
    • * Be notified of promotions & events
    • * Monitor tier progress and free play

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