How CHEETEYE is preventing your house from being burnt down

After feeling the heat last year, we decided to come to the rescue of our clients who are being affected by the plague of point of sale (POS) fraud. We had the building blocks with Trigger and Tracker but just needed to add the POS integration. We approached Micros as a starter, signed an agreement with them and went full steam ahead or should I say, we turned on the taps to put this fire of POS fraud out.

We’re identifying POS fraud by collecting transactional data from the POS system and running the data against our POS fraud algorithms. Some of the top POS scams that can be identified are:

  • Working with an open till
  • Line item voids
  • Comparing average transaction revenues
  • Staff using the POS longer than their shift requires or activity when not on duty
  • Comparing discounts

I’m looking forward to reading “How to Burn Down the House”, to get further insight into the scams that are out there. One of the authors will also be speaking at the World Game Protection conference next year, so “things can only get better”!

Water is a basic need so we’ve made sure this solution is cost effective and makes you sleep better!