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Keeping an Eye on Fills & Credits

CHEETEYE users will be keeping a close eye on the fills and credits process in their casinos with the latest upgrade. From request for fills or credits to auditing, this important process is now on the casino operations management check list. More importantly, we’ve streamlined things to make sure your tables department can focus on providing a five star experience.

Whether you’re an inspector on the move and need to manage from an iPad …

Or an auditor needing quick access to reliable information, CHEETEYE Fills & Credits is as flexible as you need it to be …

Casino operations management tools like this help casinos protect themselves from the damaging effects of negligence and fraud by ensuring that policies and procedures are strictly followed. Failing to keep up can mean failing to make money.

It seems to be the month for tables management as our electronic tables roster is receiving some exciting changes at the same time. More on that in the next few days. Until then, keep “protecting with insight”.

CheetEye Killing Spree

A casino collusion killing spree is about to take place in some casinos with the introduction of the latest version of CheetEye. Below are some comments from people involved in beta testing the new version:

“The casino collusion feature is very useful, in fact it’s huge. It will add another dimension to Casino Surveillance” – Werner Kearns, Surveillance Manager, Dragonara Casino, Malta.

“If I was a casino manager, I would be very excited for the casino collusion analysis feature” – Danie Kritzinger, CheetEye Software Engineer.

“You guys are doing a fabulous job!” Tremayne Henson, Compliance & Risk Regulator Manager, Coyote Valley Casino, California.

Update from CheetEye founder, Graeme Powell:

Title 31 for Casinos

As money laundering increases, casinos are under pressure to make sure they play their part in prevention and detection. Casinos need tracking programs to identify large transactions and automatically aggregate them in real time to ensure that they are compliant with the regulations.

Our currency transaction compliance module (TITLE-EYE) has been under reconstruction and a new release was made available today (see one of the screen-shots below). Cheeteye has Title 31 for casinos covered. Protect with insight!

Title 31 for casinos