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Build a team you can be proud of

In the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins, he alludes to the fact that businesses become and remain great by getting the right people on the bus; the wrong people off the bus; and the right people in the right seats. However, keeping a handle on employees at a casino becomes difficult because operational hours are not the same as traditional business. Consequently it has become a feedback-deprived place and casinos need to be especially aware of this. It’s easy to miss that employee that goes the extra mile, yet they are the ones that boost productivity, profits, and competitive advantage at no extra cost. A casino that doesn’t recognize and reward engagement and high performance will not have engaged high performers for long. Keeping people in place who aren’t performing is not good for the casino and those who need to improve should be identified, coached, and motivated.

In 2012, HRExaminer wrote that “traditional performance management software based on annual and quarterly reviews, miss the whole rhythm of the business.” They propose systems that allow instantaneous and continuous evaluation as being far more beneficial to businesses. Move on to 2013 and add the continued rise of a fascinating trend called crowdsourcing: the marriage of data from multiple sources e.g. Amazon’s “star rankings”. Today people are making decisions based on feedback from many different people. These crowdsourced conclusions are supplementing “expert” opinions.

Performance assessments need to follow this trend and be based on a continuous stream of information from multiple sources in order to provide a more accurate assessment. Single managers give subjective performance assessments. The missing players in the traditional performance review process are everyone else who comes in contact with the employee.

George Bernard Shaw rightly said that, “Progress is impossible without change”. Casinos that invest time into changing the way they assess performance will keep and attract the high performers and gain a huge competitive advantage.

Swiss army knife for casinos

There was no better place to be last week than in the Swiss capital of Zurich to launch our latest innovation, “Knife”!

Zurich's most famous landmark, Grossmunster Church with its twin spires

Switzerland is the home of the Swiss army knife, a multi-tool that is recognized worldwide for its design and flexibility. The Swiss army knife made sure soldiers were not left stranded on the battlefield. Those involved in casino management often find the “always on” factor of a casino turns it into a business battlefield. CHEETEYE’s Knife will slice and dice your casino operations into graphical components which enable you to identify risk and act immediately. Our vision at CHEETEYE has always been to develop smart software that helps casinos consolidate their data to see anomalies that can’t be easily detected with visual observation e.g. incidents consistently taking place in specific areas, under performing slot machines due to bad lighting or ventilation etc.

Net win per machine & area per day

If you can’t measure, you can’t manage. However, measurement tools need to be easy to read due to the barrage of information we receive daily. Presenting the information correctly is often the key to great measuring. We’ve taken inspiration from books like “Information is beautiful” and talks by John Maeda to make sure we provide our clients with beauty and innovation. Stay beautiful Switzerland!

Hitting Surveillance Assessment Home-runs

When we were asked to consider adding an assessment module to Cheeteye, we were reluctant at first but our clients persisted so we started doing some research. We found that assessment systems in surveillance departments were common in the past but had been trashed for a number of reasons. Some of the reasons being:

  1. the initiating person moved on
  2. difficult to administer
  3. lack of motivation

Willy Allison from World Game Protection says his “favorite assessment systems are ones where managers have lined their objectives up with the organizations”. I cannot agree more! Clear objectives are VITAL as it’s a key is to overcoming point 3 above, “lack of motivation”. Clear objectives also helped us as software developers! We had the ability to provide the surveillance assessment software but we felt the module would become a white elephant. Things changed after we were involved in sessions to identify assessment objectives. It required understanding the objectives first for us to get excited about developing surveillance assessment software. I strongly suggest a few brainstorming sessions to identify assessment objectives if you want to make a first time success of surveillance assessments. Our module is currently in its second revision and a favorite amongst time strapped managers.

It’s a worthwhile exercise to spend some time recording your assessment objectives as “what you can’t measure, you can’t manage”. Once that is complete, empower someone to manage the process and give them the tools to hit a home-run. It won’t be long before your scoreboard is flashing!

Increase Your Surveillance Staff Morale

There’s a saying that if you “can’t measure, you can’t manage“. To all Surveillance Managers out there, we’ve released an assessment module just for you! Assess your department at the click of a button. What prompted us to build this you might ask? We’ve been finding that staff numbers are decreasing due to a number of circumstances and this has placed tremendous pressure on the existing people to continue with the workload. As a result, there’s little time to measure and coach which leads to low staff morale. Hopefully the faces in the screen shot will become happy ones!