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Adding the slice to your dice

As we continue our casino marketing ideas series, I want to start by asking a question. When last did you send a text to your “millennial generation” (born between 1980-2005) customers at 4pm on a specific day enticing them to 10% off dinner? Age, day of the week, time and discount are crucial in getting action from this age group. According to a report from the research firm Technomic, 42% of these “millennials” say they visit “upscale casual-dining restaurants” at least once a month. Previous studies have shown that “millennials” are more likely to make impulse buys on little splurges for themselves, and going out to eat at a nice restaurant fits into this category. As a group, “millenials” are the most likely group to be drawn to deals, with 43% saying they are influenced by coupons and discounts when choosing where to eat.

The ability to access data and “slice and dice” it, should be as easy as possible for casino marketers coming up with great casino marketing ideas. They need to be able to target the right people at the right time in order to be noticed in today’s crowded casino marketplace. Don’t just throw your dice and expect a slice of the pie. It’s time to grab a share of the market that belongs to those who target with insight.

Watch the video below on how TARGET is being used to implement casino marketing ideas and get people walking across your casino floor. Happy “Targeting with Insight” to all our users!

3 ways to stand out in the crowded casino marketplace

Intelligent casino marketing ideas are crucial in order to be noticed in today’s crowded casino marketplace. Here are 3 casino marketing ideas to empower your marketing department to market intelligently:

  1. Make sure you have a system in place that can query your gaming data to segment customers you want to target
  2. Send the segmented group appropriate content e.g. send last week’s high winners an email with WINNING printed loud and clear and how they can win again!
  3. Make sure you have a system in place to measure each campaign. What you can’t measure, you can’t manage.

See how we’re helping casino marketing departments become expert email campaigners by following the 3 steps above:

Take your casino marketing to new levels of engagement and become the most valuable department in your casino!

The sexy surveillance department

Stephanie Swan, a marketing student, mentions that dataveillance is having massive advantages for brands.

Hal Varian, Google’s chief economist, predicts that the job of statistician will become the “sexiest” around. Data, he explains, are widely available; what is scarce is the ability to extract wisdom from them.

Raise the profile of your surveillance department beyond a necessary cost to company; enter the world of dataveillance and become the sexiest department in your company. Be sexy this year!

What my casino would look like

I’ve read some articles by casino leaders recently that have inspired me to start dreaming about what my casino would look like. The latest article has a statement by Paragon Gaming Inc. president, Scott Menke, that I believe is simple yet compelling. I quote, “We don’t like to build casinos… we build destinations – it’s entertainment.” This man sets casinos on fire and creates casino fireworks!

According to dictionary.com, the word casino was originally used to refer to a social gathering place, a room or building where one could dance, listen to music, and gamble. This last pastime seems to have gained precedence over the others. Casinos were meant to be:

  • great social gathering places
  • places of interactive entertainment
  • music havens
  • gambling houses

It looks like the casino leaders that are making a difference are returning to casino roots. How does your casino rate on the four points above?

Missed opportunity!

Yesterday in Cape Town was the World Cup quarter final between Germany and Argentina. On the morning of the game, I went for a run along the popular bloubergstrand beachfront which was bustling with tourists (mainly Germans and Argentinians who were in town for the big game). As I was running past a pancake store I noticed that they only had a South African flag flying! I wonder how much more business they could have picked up if a German and Argentinian flag was flying with a sign stating specials for all Germans and Argentinians. Maybe even take it further and find out what fillings they like in their pancakes??

There are a few more games left in the World Cup. What welcoming opportunities are so obvious that your casino could take advantage of? I can think of dozens and you don’t need to be a casino in South Africa!

Flag Flying Casinos

On my way back from Mykonos Casino this week I drove past an up-market game lodge (hotel) and like many hotels in South Africa they had the world flags flying in celebration of the soccer World Cup. However, there was one flag missing that caught my attention. I’m sure the people from that country would feel the same as I do when I’m traveling and don’t see my country’s flag – unwelcome! I’ve come to accept that most hotels etc cannot fly every countries flag but you would expect them to know where most of their guests are coming from. The missing flag at the hotel happens to represent the people from the country who have bought the most tickets to the world cup final!

By the way, Mykonos Casino did not have that flag missing. Maybe that’s why they’re such a popular destination. They send simple welcoming messages!

There are 10 days to go to the World Cup final. The first 5 people to reply to this blog post with the name of the country who’s flag was missing at the hotel will receive a World Cup shirt of the winning country (clue: they were knocked out by Ghana). Ayoba!