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Small things that make a giant difference

I recently had the privilege of driving through the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California with my wife. These giant redwoods start small but don’t stay that way. They require a unique atmosphere in order to thrive. In the same way, casinos will thrive if the correct atmosphere can be created. In this blog I’m going to focus on two things that will help improve the atmosphere at a casino.

1. Personalization: Most marketing that gets done these days lacks personalized attention. The “one fits all” marketing message is outdated and boring. Brands that are using technology and people who know how to create personalized marketing are attracting loyal followers. Make sure you’re not stuck in a boring, outdated cycle.

2. Awareness: Recently, I have noticed the service and facilities at a top brand hotel declining which has lead me to start trying other brands. I was surprised and disappointed to see how my brand of choice was lagging behind. It’s the “small foxes that spoil the vine” as an ancient proverb says. Our latest marketing tool helps prevent disappointed customers by addressing the small things that sometimes go unnoticed by casinos. Great service = great marketing!

We will be at the Casino Marketing Conference next week at the Paris, Las Vegas where we will be demonstrating how REVEYE helps address these two issues (click here to download a brochure). We look forward to helping your casino become a “giant” in the industry.

Playing up a sweat

I recently joined my daughter and her creative personal trainer for an interesting gym workout called “Deck of cards workout”. I have not done it before so I felt rather stiff the next day! The experience was such a positive one and has encouraged me to be more creative in my workouts so I decided to share it with you. As Albert Einstein said, “creativity is contagious, pass it on”.

How to do the work out:
With a partner and a deck of cards, take chances at selecting a card and depending on the card, complete the following exercises:

  • Face cards = 10
  • Ace = 11
  • Hearts = push ups
  • Spades = Burpees
  • Clubs = Mountain climbs
  • Diamonds = Thrusters
  • Joker = 50 Jump squats

So for example, if you select a “king of hearts”, you need to complete 10 push ups, “6 of diamonds” will be 6 thrusters, “2 of spades” will be 2 burpees etc until you’ve completed the entire deck. (See visual examples at the end of the blog on how to do the exercises.)

An idea for your casino marketing department:

Before your next poker tournament, why not have a “Deck of cards workout challenge” and inject some new life into your casino marketing. Have teams of two compete against each other with the team completing the deck in the shortest time being the winner. To assist with your digital marketing for this event, send an email to marketing@cheeteye.com with the title “Deck of cards workout challenge” and we will create your digital templates for email and we will help you use our TARGET software to send your marketing message via email and text to as many recipients as possible. This could be a great opportunity to get new customers into your casino. Start your summer casino marketing by “playing up a sweat”!

For more marketing ideas and to test drive some of our marketing technologies, visit us at booth 1146 at NIGA in San Diego next month or the Casino Marketing Conference at Paris, Las Vegas in July.

Exercise examples:

Push ups


Mountain climbs

Thrusters (a medicine ball can be used instead of dumbbells)

Jump squats

The road ahead

It’s great to be back in Cape Town where CHEETEYE was born 7 years ago. We’ve had a great year and I’m enjoying our traditional time of planning over December. Our decision to exhibit at 4 gaming expos was a highlight for me this year as we were able to get further into the world of our users and find out what matters to them. We will once again be exhibiting at 4 gaming shows in 2013, namely ICE (London), WGPC (Las Vegas), NIGA (Phoenix) and G2E Asia (Macau). I look forward to meeting old and new friends!

As we plan for next year, what matters to our users will remain top priority at CHEETEYE. We will continue to make extensive site visits in order to get deep into the world of our users so that our software remains relevant. We will continue to innovate by remaining entirely focused on the gaming industry even though we get numerous requests from other industries to do for them what we’re doing for the gaming industry.

As we move into our 8th year of operation, we will continue to treat this journey as a marathon and not a sprint. Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with Bruce Fordyce, one of the world’s greatest ultra-marathon runners and the greatest Comrades Marathon runner of all time. The Comrades is an ultra-marathon of approximately 89 km (approx. 56 miles) run between the cities of Durban and Pietermaritzburg in South Africa. Runners from all over the world descend upon Durban in May every year for this famous grueling event. I remember my dad taking me to watch the 1979 Comrades which was won by Piet Vorster with Johnny Halberstadt coming second. Bruce came from behind, which was his tactic – he was way back at half way and whipped through the field to finish third. He came second in 1980 and then from 1981 to 1990 he was unbeatable. I ran my first and only Comrades in 1992 and appreciate all the planning and preparation that precedes an ultra-marathon like the Comrades. I’ve applied my Comrades experience and marathon running to the world of casino protection software. Marathon running requires focus and stamina. Developing casino protection software requires us us to stay focused on the casino industry. It was a huge privilege to spend time with a Comrades legend and I came away inspired by his unbeatable spirit.

I’m extremely thankful to all our CHEETEYE clients who have been running this “business marathon” with us and our new clients who joined the race this year. To our teams in the USA, Europe, Africa and soon to be Asia, thanks for the dedication you’ve shown to our vision. Team work makes the dream work and we look forward to making many dreams come alive next year. Happy holidays and all the best for 2013!

Bruce Fordyce (left) and Graeme Powell
Graeme running Comrades 1992
Graeme running 1992 Comrades

Dying for education

Without knowing while writing my blog last month, “don’t gamble with education”, a young lady would be fighting for her life a month later because she refused to gamble with her education. Malala Yousafzai, a school student from the town of Mingora in the Swat District of Pakistan was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman as a result of her campaigning for girls’ education. As a father of two girls and founder of non-profit organization, Beyond Education, we’re doing all that we can to support this young lady and her fight for education rights. Right now we’re all hoping for a smooth recovery as she gets expert medical treatment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

Aung Sang Suu Kyi, famously said, “it is not power that corrupts but fear of losing power”. Education is so powerful that it causes a little girl to be such a threat to men with guns! I’ve been fortunate that most of the leaders in my life have never denied my pursuit for education in order to advance my career. Those that did are a distant memory.

If ever there was a campaigner for education in the world of casino protection, it’s Willy Allison. As the “Chief Education Officer” of World Game Protection, he’s once again preparing a five star program for the next World Game Protection Conference. If you have staff that could benefit from further education in the world of casino protection, the M Resort, Las Vegas is the place to be from 25-27th February 2013.

A well educated team is a powerful team. Keep protecting with insight.

My first WGPC in 2010 with Willy on the right

Springboks makes way for CHEETEYE in Vegas

Now that the super bowl is over and my Denver Broncos never made it, my attention turns to rugby 7’s. My favorite rugby team, the Springboks from South Africa, will be in Vegas for the HSBC Sevens World Series, the week before the CHEETEYE team arrives for the World Game Protection Conference. The Springboks are a force to be reckoned with and will be paving the way for our arrival. We’re hoping for a USA – South Africa final! Predict who will be in the HSBC Sevens World Series final this weekend and you could be the lucky winner of my favorite USA 7’s rugby jersey. If you’re attending the World Game Protection Conference, see you there! Safe travels ….

Journey of insight

I’m embarking on a journey of insight into the world of casino surveillance research at the World Game Protection conference. A statement by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop in a staff memo reminded me of why I’m going: “We haven’t been delivering innovation fast enough. We’re not collaborating internally. Nokia, our platform is burning”.

Casino research is high on our priority list so that we can continue to innovate with solutions that allow our users to collaborate and protect with insight.

It’s time to log-off as I board the Cheeteye plane to Vegas. What I find out in Vegas will not stay there; I’ll be blogging. Chat soon!

Thanks to the guys from Nowboarding for the great Cheeteye plane! These guys are design gurus, pay them a visit at www.nowboarding.co.za

Heading to Vegas for casino protection insight

In preparation for this year’s World Game Protection Conference I read Kevin Mitnick’s book “Takedown”. Kevin was one of the keynote speakers and spoke about protecting data within casinos. As an IT professional developing casino protection software solutions, I enjoyed Kevin’s talk and gained valuable insight for our business. The horror stories he shared of leaked Word, Excel etc documents, highlighted the ever increasing need to implement casino protection software solutions. Casino protection software not only protects sensitive casino data but provides the following extra value:

  • provides users with the ability to search for information based on certain criteria that is extremely difficult, if not impossible when using paper or electronic documents
  • provides management with “Collusion Reporting” features
  • provides work-flow processes to ensure accountability

In preparation for next year’s conference taking place in February, I’ve ordered“Beat the Players: Casinos, Cops and the Game Inside the Game” by Bob Nersesian who will be one of the keynote speakers. This year’s line up of keynote speakers looks very interesting and once again, I’m looking forward to gaining some valuable insight to share with our clients and followers as we continue to help “protect with insight”.